Orioles and Flatscreen Ready!

Okay, so I’ve been away from blogging about the O’s, and literally, I’ve been away because I have moved! Yes, I have moved to a different county in Maryland, and onto a very different chapter in my life, but not to bore you about me and life’s transitions … baseball is still happening, so let’s get right to it!

About 2 weeks ago, I bought a brand new 2015 65″ UHD Samsung flatscreen and it looks beautiful, mounted on the living room wall in my new place. On my flatscreen, baseball looks beautiful ( and sounds great with the Samsung soundbar and wireless subwoofer!). Every pore and bead of sweat looks like … well, pores and beads of sweat! The color, clarity and crispness of UHD ( 4K tv ), is so thoroughly detailed! However, while a lot of people enjoy UHD for it’s stunning display of seamlessly fast action sequences, I love it for slow action shots of high definition color and clarity. Right now, I am thinking about how Birds of Paradise would look on my new flatscreen. Have you ever seen the National Geographic documentary Birds of Paradise? Have you ever seen such rare, exotic beauty… Such lavish colors? How about the humorously creative ways these beautiful birds attract females? The mating dances and body movements of these birds are unlike anything I have ever seen on this side of the planet, and 4k tv brings it all the more to life. If you want to see birds like you’ve never seen, you should view the DVD of the National Geographic documentary Birds of Paradise or watch it from Netflix or YouTube, wherever you can get a hold of it!

…But what about OUR Birds …the Birds of Baltimore, on this here side of planet? What is to say about our beloved hometeam as it struggles to find its footing? Sure, our Birds are below the 500 mark in the standings, but it’s early in the season still, and the O’s are no stranger to change. They have been through losing players to trade-off deals and injuries, they have been through strokes of bad luck ( think about last year’s American League Championship), they have seen it all, but have always managed to get back in the game; so, why should this year be any different?

They have the heart, they have the drive, they have Buck, they have the fans, and they have the team! Look at how the Orioles basically blew the Red Sox out of the ballpark with that 18-7 win! Not saying that the O’s have to put up such big numbers to prove they still have a team, but just saying that the team can still find ways to pack a beautifully, colorful punch even when struggling to find the right dance moves again!

Birds of Paradise? Maybe. Birds of Baltimore? Definitely.

Until the next time … Let’s Go O’s!

Linda Ghostwriter


Oh No … One Run Games, Again!

Hey Fans!

As an O’s fan, if you recall, it wasn’t that long ago when one run games was “a thing” for the Orioles and those games were more than frustrating because come on … it’s just one more run! One more run to at least tie up the game and make it brand new again; then, it’s just a Chris Davis homerun away from being a game winner! What’s up with the one run games? Please say we are not falling back in THAT trap again. So far, it’s been 4-5 Tigers, 3-2 Rays, 4-5 Blue Jays, 6-7 Red Sox, 1-2 Twins, 0-1 Phillies, and these are all back to back days! Then there’s today’s 2-3 loss against the Rays. What gives?

The upside to all of this is that one run games must mean good pitching is happening, so if fans look at it that way, this could be a good sign that pitching is consistent with the O’s. Now if a smooth transition into offensive consistency can come about, than I say, “bring it on!” Sure we have Chris Davis back after he serves his last day of suspension on Opening Day, and boy could we use his restored power in a one run game situation; but too, I can’t help but to think that without our lead off man and get on base guy, Markakis, and without our power hitter, Cruz, the Orioles will have to rely on fundamental baseball … manufactured runs. It’s not like the O’s haven’t shown that they can do this, before! Meanwhile, other players will have to build up to the power-hitter level of Davis and our gone-guy, Nelson Cruz if Buck doesn’t recruit another power hitter or two.

The Orioles can do this, they can step up to the plate and work as a team. They have a team. WE have a team, Baltimore! Look at the fact that Weiters, Machado, Davis, and Reimold are back! Sure, Markakis and Cruz have said their goodbyes, but that’s baseball. We have a team! Now, bring on the steam!!

Until Next Time! Let’s Go O’s!

Linda Ghostwriter

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Quick Rally in the 9th! Good Sign For O’s ?

Hey Fans,

This is going to be more like a tweet than a blog post, but I just wanted to come in and say that the 9th inning 3 run rally puts a smile on my face and a bit of promise back in my heart. Not that the promise of the O’s doing what they do best, is a gone and done deal; it’s just that when a winning team like the Orioles play the hand of releasing major team contributors like Markakis and Cruz only to rely on brand new faces and injured players, what is a fan to feel? Naturally I feel hopeful. A devoted fan feels no other way. I believe in the O’s talent and dedication, and Buck’s abilities, but Weiters, Hardy, Reimold, Davis and Machado are all just getting over injuries. YIKES! Even for a optimist like myself, one has to think, ” The Orioles need backup!”

Speaking of Davis, I am liking the swing! It is good to have him back with a healthy oblique and the game suspension behind him. I have yet to see Weiters perform, but I trust that he is as great as ever behind home plate and at bat, and I pray that the injuries continue to leave him alone. It is great to hear that Reimold is back in the outfield after having been gone so long. It is always great to have Hardy back and who doesn’t enjoy Manny Machado’s talent and over the top plays? The kid is unbelievably talented, but PLEASE injuries STAY AWAY!!! … Leave the Orioles alone!!!

Until Next Time.. Let’s Go O’s!

Linda Ghostwriter

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Different Year, Same Team?

Oriole fans are wondering if the team that they have come to know and love has lost its luster after having won the division title just last year; and after having had winning seasons since 2012, only to have the team dismantled before its fans, going into the up and coming baseball season. That up-and-coming season is coming more than it is up. After having lost to the Detroit Tigers, the first two games of Spring Training, the first by the score of 2-15, one might be quick to say that things aren’t looking up for the O’s, plus the regular season is coming sooner than fans can say …”O”.

On the other hand, it’s just Spring Training and there is plenty of time for Buck Showalter to work his magic with this team. All the right strategic moves with finding just the right players to add to the young and veteran players of this club can make all the difference. Sure, the Orioles ball club does not have half the money that some of the big time money making clubs have. They never have. Has that stopped the Birds? Did it stop them last year from winning the division title and from coming just 3 games from the World Series?(We all want to forget that 3 game post season sweep.) Did it stop the O’s from performing at their top notch best despite the injuries that plagued the team last year? Will it stop the fans from coming out to Camden Yards and filling the stadiums with 120 decibels screams, hollers, and chants? ( ‘Remembering game 2 of the Oriole Yankee ALDS game in 2012! )  Let’s hear the fans answer at 121 decibels, this time … N -O OOOOOO!

Hold on for another season of thrills!! Here we g “OOOO”!!!






And then there were 6!

I am so excited that the baseball season has trickled down to just 6 games. The Orioles have made huge strides, and to all of the nay-sayers who thought they would never live to hear “O’s” and “play-offs” uttered in the same sentence by so many excited fans; this one’s for you!

Old fans and new fans alike are basking in the excitement and the thrill of Oriole baseball! This team has earned the right to be where they are. They have earned the right to be just 1.5 games out of the division lead, beneath the Yankees. They deserve to win the American Division, because they have Buck-led Up, and have utilized the talent that only the O’s bull-pen and offense can bring forth, as they did throughout the entire baseball season.

There is nothing to muse over, really. The hard work and dedication speaks for itself. The genius of Buck Showalter has been brought to light. The fans of Baltimore still believe, and the naysayers have succumb to the inevitable. The Orioles were the real deal at the start of the season and in the prior years of building the ball club up to what it is today, and they are the real deal now … at just 6 more games to go! … May the final 6 games be the Oriole’s best finish!

Enjoy the show!

 Linda Ghostwriter

O’s and Manny-Power!

Hello all,

Well I’ve been away from blogging, but I haven’t been away from baseball watching, which means I haven’t missed the many extraordinary work of Oriole’s Manny Machado. What can we say about this 20-year-old rookie who seems to be born to play third base? Originally a shortstop, Manny has shown outstanding know-how about his position as a third baseman. Just watch this brilliant heads up play by the Mann-power himself at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/13/manny-machado-fakes-out-rich-thompson-orioles_n_1879645.html

That’s right, this play is something a fan would expect from a veteran player or by one who has at least played third base for more than just a month. What can one say? Just watch the play, then watch it again, then when you’ve had your fill of watching it for the 13th ( Manny’s jersey # ) time, feel free to wallow in pride and to chalk this kid’s talent up to being something to talk about. …Face it, Machado is inexplicable and there’s much more of his Manny-power to come! Stay tuned …

Linda Ghostwriter

From Oops to O!

The script logo.

The script logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday night’s game against the Boston Redsox was indeed a big oops! There is no doubt that the Orioles shoulda, coulda, woulda, won that game for a Boston Redsox sweep, but it just wasn’t in the baseball cards for them. What a shame as the Yankees lost that night, and the O’s could have easily gained another game on them, and as everyone knows that it’s all about scratching and clawing your way to the top as we quickly approach the final weeks of August baseball. That means approximately just one month of baseball left after this month, and this is when you see the most aggressive baseball playing happening. More aggressive stolen base attempts, more collisions at the plate, emotions running sky high on every bad call from the officials ( and there has been many a bad call lately ), more agressive head first slides at first base, and incredible outfield attempts at bringing potentila homerun balls back into the field. Every game counts, but yes … Thursday night’s game was an “oops”, and Friday night’s game against the Detroit Lions was too, but then there was last night’s second series game against the Detriot Lions, and that game was definitely an “oh”! How I love the “ohhs” and not so much the “oops” !

I vote for more ohhs, now that baseball is in the throws of the Wildcard race and the Division Leader race. It’s all fun for the fans from here on out, and all serious play for the players. Tonight’s game is just another “must make it count” game for the Orioles and for every other team in league. Every team is looking for that “oh” game, but there is only one team that can play an “oh” game the Oriole way, but what’s the name of THAT team?

Go O’s!!!! ( Oh yeah, that’s the name!)

Linda Ghostwriter

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